BETU Contract Unpaused

The BETU contract has been unpaused, all activities have resumed - buy, sell, transfer, swap etc.

December 11, 2021
December 11, 2021

Important Update: 
The BETU token contract has been unpaused.

We have unpaused the BETU contract. All transfers and trade on PancakeSwap have resumed.

The contract was paused on the 5th of December at BitMart’s request due to a hacker breaching the security on their exchange.

BitMart has guaranteed that all BETU assets will be secured and confirmed a professional asset management team has started buying back tokens. The hacker stole 4,097,255 BETU tokens.

BitMart will buy back the entire 4,097,255 BETU tokens at market price. The hacker at this time is free to sell the BETU tokens, however there is no guarantee that they will. No funds of the hacker have been moved for 5.5 days. In the event the hacker does sell, it will be a race to buy the dip between BitMart & BetU company. We have set aside 300 BNB to buy any significant dip.

Either way, the net result will be positive buying action for BETU. 

Deposits and withdrawal on BitMart will resume soon.

Update #2
The security audit for the BetU platform as requested by the license issuer is already underway, we will have the first update from the testers on Monday.

Update #3
We have decided this weekend’s UFC league on BetU Fantasy will be the last week of the current model. This will enable our team to focus on the completion and roll out of Fantasy V2, as well as enhance our marketing and promotion pre-launch.

Update #4
BetU Verse Hotel & Casino is looking fabulous and we expect to release the website in the coming weeks and animations by the end of the year.

Such an exciting time. Thanks for being a part of BetU.

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