BetU Roadmap Update - 11 October 2021

Update on the BetU roadmap, including the launch dates of BetU Fantasy game and BetU sports betting platform.

October 11, 2021
October 11, 2021

In order to maximise token valuation we have decided to make some changes to the BetU & BetU Fantasy rollout.

As announced on 6 October, CoinMarketCap has now listed BETU in both their gaming and gambling lists.

With the crypto gaming sector showing enormous growth, the BETU Fantasy launch will be prioritised as we believe this will give BetU the greatest amount of exposure which will lead to an increase in token demand and price.

BetU Fantasy Game Launch:

Soft Launch - Invite Only Thursday 21st of October

Public Launch - Wednesday 27th of October.

The initial launch was planned for Friday 15th of October, this will be pushed back 6 days to Thursday 21st of October. Selected registrants from the BETU ICO will be invited via email to play the initial week. The full public launch will be on Wednesday 27th of October.

The first league will be the English Premier League with 2 divisions:
Division 1: To play you need to hold 1,000 BETU tokens.
Division 2: To play you need to hold 1 BETU token.  

We will spend the first 4 weeks making improvements and enhancements to the game based on user feedback, before rolling out additional leagues. The second league will likely be the NBA.

BetU Launch:

To focus on BetU Fantasy, the betting platform will be pushed back to December 2021.
The main benefits of spreading out the launch dates are to:
- Maximise exposure and impact of Fantasy launch

- Gain invaluable user data and feedback from BetU Fantasy that we can integrate into BetU

- Demonstrate consistent and steady progress that will give token holders two seperate platform launches that will enhance token price and demand

EGaming (Gambling) License & Platform Certification:

We have decided to delay the submission for the Curacao license by 50 days. The reason behind this is when we submit the gambling license application, our main website, will need to be set behind a password protected wall. When approval is granted for the gambling license, the website must geo block key markets such as: USA, Netherlands, France and Australia until local licenses are obtained.

By waiting until the beginning of December to submit the application, it will allow our website to stay open and accessible to players all over the world for the launch of BetU Fantasy. The gambling license is ready to submit, if we were not prioritising the launch of BetU Fantasy the application for the gambling license would have been submitted.

We will also submit the BetU platform for certification by ITechLabs against the UK Gambling Commission standards.

Non Release of Team Tokens:

No team tokens will be released from the vesting contract until the Curacao license is obtained. The team has an incredibly strong belief that when the license is obtained, we will all benefit together as one.


We are in deep discussions with 3 top exchanges, and aim to go live with 1 of the 3 exchanges shortly after the launch of BetU Fantasy.


BetU Fantasy is without doubt the best way to maximise token valuation and demand. We will be able to capitalize on the booming crypto gaming sector by releasing a fun, exciting and rewarding game that everyone with 1 BetU token will be able to play and win $10,000+ each and every week.

2021 Roadmap:


- BetU Fantasy Launch - English Premier League Soccer


- Exchange Listing

- Platform Certification in line with UK Gambling Commission standards

- BETU Fantasy Launch - NBA Basketball 


- Obtain Curacao EGaming License

- Launch BetU Betting Platform

- BetU Fantasy Launch more leagues - UFC, NFL, Cricket, etc

- Exchange Listings

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