BETU VIP Token Holder Levels Are Live!

Learn about the VIP benefits that come with being a BETU token holder.

November 19, 2022
November 19, 2022

BETU VIP rankings entitle players to exclusive benefits while playing on BetU sportsbook & casino.

The VIP rankings offer industry leading benefits of up to 15% edgeback and 15% lossback. There is no wagering requirement to obtain these benefits, BETU token holders simply need to hold and lock their tokens. Tokens can be unlocked at any time (after a 5 minute wait).

The more BETU tokens a player holds, the higher ranking they can obtain and the greater benefits they will receive. Ranking levels range from a Spectator who holds 0 BETU tokens to G.O.A.T who hold 2,500,000 BETU tokens. 

The VIP ranking tiers add enormous utility for BETU tokens. As more people choose to participate in the VIP program the demand for BETU tokens will increase greatly while also reducing the circulating supply.

What are the VIP Benefits:
Up to 15% Edgeback?

Edgeback is a passive earning reward, where players receive a certain amount of the house edge back on every bet placed, win or lose.

The higher your VIP status the higher the reward, up to 15% of the house edge.

Example: If you wager 1 BTC, the house edge is 3% and your edgeback is 15%, you will receive 0.0045 BTC back in your wallet balance when you claim it.

Edgeback is displayed in USD, then credited to your in play cryptocurrency wallet when you claim it. Edgeback can be claimed at any time when your available balance is over $1.

House Edge for Sports & Esports bets is set at 3%. Casino games such as Slots are determined by the house edge set by the developer via their RTP (Return to Player) of each individual game. For Casino games the house edge can range from 0.5 - 4%. Casino games where the developers do not provide an RTP, have a set house edge at 0.5%

Edgeback is live now and can be seen in the header of the website after a player is logged in as well as on a players dashboard.

Up to 15% Lossback?

Lossback is a refund of a percentage of your net loss for a calendar month.

The higher your VIP status the higher the lossback, up to 15%.

Example: If you had a net loss of 1 BTC for the month of October, and your lossback is 15%, you will receive 0.15 BTC back in your wallet balance when you claim it.

Lossback can be claimed at the beginning of every month. The Lossback calculations will begin starting from the 1st of December and the first claim available in January 2023.

Additional VIP Benefits to be rolled out:

Over time more and more benefits will be added to the VIP program including odds boosts, bonus bets, free spins, VIP concierge services and more. 

To upgrade your VIP ranking or see more about the program visit:

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