Tech Update - BETU VIP Levels & Affiliate Program Live

BetU has released its VIP holding levels and affiliate program, casino to go live this week.

November 20, 2022
November 20, 2022

With the FIFA World Cup ready to kick off, BetU has released its VIP holding levels and affiliate program, with casino ready to go live this week.

Features completed & live: 

* BETU token VIP levels - Edgeback & Lossback of up to 15%

* Affiliate program - Create custom referral links & earn 10% of the house edge for the life of every player you refer.

* BetRadar Ad Pixel - Campaign underway

Features completed & ready to go live this week: 

* Casino integration with over 40 of the words best iGaming developers.

Features to be worked on next sprint:

* Integration of *Undisclosed* chain

* Integration of *Undisclosed* token

* Risk-Free first bet offer

* Onfido known faces integration to prevent multiple account creation & bonus abusers.

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