The launch of BetU Play-To-Earn

It’s with great excitement that we can announce the launch of BetU Play-To-Earn.

Paul Rogash
January 4, 2022
January 4, 2022

It’s with great excitement that we can announce the launch of BetU Play-To-Earn.

The world’s first play-to-earn sport and esport betting game is now live!

I’d like to thank the entire BetU team for their hard work and dedication in delivering such a fabulous gaming platform, especially over the holiday period!

BetU Play-To-Earn is a fun and exciting opportunity for people to earn money every week. The game also provides a solution to problem gambling globally.

BetU Play-To-Earn gives people the winning thrill of sports betting without the risk of loss. People can now watch their favorite sport or esport and place risk-free bets without worrying about losing but still keeping their winnings. 

It’s not gambling when you can only win.

How BetU Play-To-Earn Works:

Operating on a weekly schedule, with a Round running from Tuesday - Monday.

At the start of each new Round, players begin with a new Points balance.

At the end of each Round, rewards are paid out based on the accumulated profit.

- Players must hold BETU tokens to play 

- 1%* of a players BETU balance is given as Points to play with each week

- Players place risk-free bets on their favorite sport & esport games

- Get paid 100% of their winnings in BETU tokens

The more BETU tokens a player holds, the more they can win.

* Max BETU balance:  50,000. (Max starting Points per week: 500)

^ Max weekly payout is 10x your starting Points balance
For more details on the rules & times: click here

As of today, Jan 4 2022 a BETU token = $0.20 USD.
This means, players can earn up-to $1,000 USD in BETU tokens every week.

The game is currently live with Premier League, LaLiga & NBA. Other sports such as tennis, UFC, NFL & cricket will be live in the coming weeks.

Our esport offering, which includes live streaming, will launch in February.

Help Us Tell the World:

We urge all players to share their playing experience every week on social media. Take photos of your winnings or take videos of you playing the game and post it everywhere. 

How to Purchase BETU tokens:

BETU tokens can be purchased in the BetU Play-To-Earn dashboard by swapping BNB, ETH or USDT.

Alternatively BETU tokens can be purchased via PancakeSwap or

The BETU token will be listed on more exchanges soon. 

Thank You!

I’d personally like to say thank you to the entire BETU Army for their support and I wish everyone luck in playing BetU Play-To-Earn.

This is just the beginning!


Paul Rogash

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