Weekly Tech Update - 14 February 2022

Work on the Oddin and Onramper integration will continue for the next few weeks along with other important UI improvements.

February 16, 2022
February 14, 2022

📢 Tech Update

Completed & released last week ✅ 

📌 We are designing a new rewards widget that will help everyone quickly calculate estimated rewards, points and BETU/USDT value. 

This will be available on the homepage to help new users & on the dashboard. 

🚀 Sprint 17 (Week 1) 

- Oddin integration ongoing

- Onramper working in staging for fiat 

- FAQ section now on platform

- New UI changes - Banner, Updated text, How to play instructions

- Designs and requirements for Rewards calculator widget

- Intercom trial for fast responses + user data

- New Promo code section updated - will help bring in more external users

- Guild ideation continued (BETU squads)

- Tweak to KYC fields (removed warning sign)

👥 Ongoing 551 so far playing in Round 6

📓 In progress for this week (Sprint 17 Week 2)

- Oddin integration ongoing

- Onramper deployment - waiting on production key from their side to go live

- Rewards widget calculator designs (will be added to homepage & dashboard) 

- Admin access to manage Promo codes for onboarding 

- Improving speed to KYC in admin 

- Add referal link image

- Session today on updating Referal incentives

- Extra sports & markets added for release 

- Building internal tools to help with user journey

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