Weekly Tech Update - 20 December 2021

Get all the developments from this week and check out what we are working on in the coming week.

December 21, 2021
December 20, 2021

📢 Tech Update

The new core features are coming along nicely for V2 and on track. This week we will test bets, settled matches and rewards with the new flow.

🎯We are really excited for the Oddin Esports integration to commence soon. This will bring so much engagement to our platform.

Completed last week ✅

🚀 Sprint 12 (Week 2)

- New Fantasy points and conversion logic working on staging environment

- New Dashboard design complete

- Video Tutorials complete

- Weekly Earnings complete

- New Join league banner CTA ready on staging

- Admin tiers in testing

- Share your profit in Weekly Earnings  

- New banner design to landing screen

- Updates to sign up on both platforms

- Added set limits & exclusion to BetU

- Ongoing esports testing/integration to start first week in Jan

📓 In progress for this week (Sprint 13 Week 1)

- KYC Designs complete for verification

- New Referall link structure

- Join Round + Hold

- La Liga Testing

- API doc review for new bet markets

- Dashboard V2 Updates (Referall + Videos, and Social)

- Leaderboard updates

- Preparing demo to showcase V2 new features

- Betuverse designs

- Review Oddin Feeds starts this week

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