Weekly Tech Update - 22 November 2021

Get all the development updates of what was completed last week, and what is on the agenda for the week ahead.

December 20, 2021
November 22, 2021

📢 Tech Update

👥 Referral Rewards is now live (check Dashboard for your code)

🏀 NBA launches tomorrow

Week in numbers from last Round:

🚀1.3K new sign up’s last week

387 Players competed in Div 1

2340 Players competed in Div 2

Completed last week.

🚀 Sprint 10 (Week 2)

- Finalising testing of Referral Programme - Release date improved with announcement expected next week.

- Updated Footer, Header copy and Layout

- Continued Improvements to Live Platform

- Banner Upgrades for Referrals with code copy

- Leaderboard now in Menu with options for leagues

- Sign Up updates for Referrals

- Extra Fantasy Points in Design

- Improving analytics

- Upgrades to backend in Admin for Referrals on both platforms

- Updates to Betslip for Betting Platform

- Staking

📓 In progress for this week (Sprint 11 Week 1)

- Points Boost Designs & Flow

- Updates to Register

- MMA Testing

- La Liga Testing

- Live Analytics Updates

- Share your Betslip

- Participation Rewards for Div 1 Players

- Fractional designs

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