Weekly Tech Update - 27 December 2021

All development updates over the last week and what is being worked on for the upcoming week.

January 2, 2022
December 27, 2021

📢 Tech Update

📌 1 Week to go until V2 (BetU Play-To-Earn) is live

We have successfully migrated our production environment over the weekend to https://betuearn.com/ it is password protected and under development until next week, until we finish the deployment of the new features and rebrand. betuearn.com will be the new website & platform all in one from next week 🚀

More details on the rebrand will come from the team - essentially we are the ‘WORLD's FIRST PLAY TO EARN SPORT & ESPORT  BETTING GAME.’

👤 From next week you’ll log in as before with the same credentials.

👉 Your existing wallet and tokens will be there for you to convert.

🏆 Every week 1% of your BETU tokens balance can be converted to Points to play with.

🖥 We will release a video demo before launch to explain the new features.

📍 BetUVerse website will be released this week.

Completed last week ✅

🚀 Sprint 13 (Week 1)

- KYC Designs complete for verification

- New Referall link structure

- Join Round + Hold

- La Liga Testing

- API doc review for new bet markets

- Dashboard V2 Updates (Referall + Videos, and Social)

- Leaderboard updates

- Preparing demo to showcase V2 new features

- Betuverse designs

- Review Oddin Feeds starts this week

- Bet slip updated

- Referall design complete

📓 In progress for this week (Sprint 13 Week 2)

- New landing screen (pre login)

- Responsive designs

- Testing & deployment

- Video Demo Tutorial

- New markets (over/under, goalscorer & halftime/full-time)

- Rollback settlements

- NFL mockups and markets

- All copy updated for rebrand

- Affiliate marketing feed

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