Weekly Tech Update - 6 December 2021

Get all the development updates of what was completed last week, and what is on the agenda for the week ahead.

December 20, 2021
December 6, 2021

📢 Tech Update

👊UFC launches this week and will be the only playable league for this week.

👉 Share your betslip feature is now ready

We are putting a lot of focus on Fantasy 2.0 for the next couple of sprints, continuous development continues on both platforms with news expected this month.

Completed last week.

1616 new users since last Round

⚽️ Soccer Leagues;

Players in Div 1 EPL: 363

Players in Div 2 EPL: 3590

🏀 NBA Leagues;

Players in Div 1 NBA: 262

Players in Div 2 NBA: 1573

🚀Sprint 11 (Week 2) ✅

- Claim extra points feature going through final testing

- Gameplay & Innovation wireframing

- Reusable points feature

- Share your Betslip final design & test

- Upgrades to Referral & Admin

- Participation Rewards Design & Upgrade

- Platform updates to betting platform, all docs & layout now ready

- Responsive design upgrades for both platforms

📓In progress for this week (Sprint 12 Week 1)

- Fantasy 2.0 Building in progress;

- Change to entry structure with conversion calculator design for playable Fantasy points

- New leaderboard format which shows profit and starting balance

- New Join league design

- Backend and Admin Tiers

- Redesign of Dashboard for fantasy

- More leagues to integrate with new fantasy

- New payout emails

- New referral structure

- All policy updates complete for betting platform

- Responsive updates

- Betuverse product updates & website

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