Weekly Tech Update - January 24 2022

See what was completed this week by our tech team, and what is being worked on in the coming week.

January 25, 2022
January 24, 2022

📢 Tech Update

Completed & released last week ✅

🚀 Sprint 15 (Week 2)

- Oddin integration prep

- Activity for active bets

- New markets (handicaps & totals)

- Sort function updates

- Design tweaks to dashboard banner & text on landing

- Admin cleanup on accounts

- Backlog prioritization

- Leaderboard tweaks

- New layout across home page

Released last week:

1. Referral center is live with active URL with refer code prefilled for new user (just click copy code & paste in browser)

2. KYC for Withdrawals

3. Odds format switcher (decimal, fractional) available in 'settings'

4. Dashboard now shows Available Balance & Points Balance

5. Leaderboard Sort option added for mobile devices

6. Search bar for logged-in users (search teams etc from header)

7. New video on dashboard showcasing deposits

👥 Ongoing 536 playing in Round 3

📓 In progress for this week (Sprint 16 Week 1)

- Oddin design integration

- Latest bets ticker now working in staging

- Fiat integration

- Update esports markets

- Admin backend upgrades

- Updated FAQ to go on platform

- Third party game integration

- Final stage testing for BetU

- UI upgrade for banners

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